What to expect when visiting an Osteopath



Your Osteopath will take a full medical case history asking questions about your health past and present. They may ask questions about lifestyle, activities and how your problem has come about. You will have the opportunity to raise any concerns you have about your visit or treatment.

First appointments and any follow up appointments last approximately 45 minutes, occasionally less or more time is required depending on the condition.




Your Osteopath will want to go through some examination movements and tests in order to help them make a diagnosis and rule out any underlying clinical conditions. Your Osteopath will tell you of any findings and give you a working diagnosis. They will discuss treatment options with you before obtaining your permission to go ahead and provide the treatment.




Treatment aims to restore mobility, improve function in restricted joints and the surrounding soft tissues. Structural techniques used include soft tissue massage, articulation and specific joint manipulation.

Cranial Osteopathic treatment is a refined and subtle type of Osteopathy that is very gentle but very powerful. Treatment encourages the release of stresses and tensions throughout the body including the head.

If at any time you wish to stop the treatment or ask any questions you must tell your Osteopath.




Your Osteopath will often offer you lifestyle advice to help manage and improve your symptoms. You may also be given exercises. It is not uncommon to feel ‘sore’ for 24 hours after treatment. You may also feel tired and emotional.

If your Osteopath feels it necessary you may be advised to see your doctor or be referred for an MRI scan. We are available on the phone or by email should you have any concerns following treatment.



Do I need to undress?

Yes in order for your Osteopath to examine you to the best of their ability it is preferable that you undress to some extent, usually down to underwear. This enables them to look carefully at the part of your body that is creating the pain, as well as related areas. Looking at your posture is helpful when making a diagnosis. If you have any concerns then they will offer a gown and towels are provided. You will be given the option of redressing if you feel uncomfortable.




If you have any concerns you may bring along a friend or relative during your treatment.



Cancellation charges

We do require 24 hours notice of any cancellations or a charge of the full price of a treatment will be applied.